A favorite anecdote of Don’s when recalling his early forays into the music world starts with a bus ride. When Don was in high school in New Jersey, he used to cut classes and ride a bus into New York City, his guitar in tow. On these trips into the Big Apple, Don would visit the various record companies in town and try to get someone — anyone — to listen to his songs. The tenacity paid off, and Don quickly found himself working as a session musician, composer, and arranger. Thus began a vast and storied career in what he calls the “executive turntable” of music publishing.

During his time spent as a professional arranger and writer, Don worked with some of the best talents of the era including Gloria Gaynor, Doctor Hook, The Paragons, and many more. Don soon moved on to the business end of music publishing, working at top tier record companies such as RSO Records, CBS/Sony Records, Twentieth Century Fox, and many more. Throughout this point in his career he is credited with discovering and signing industry heavy hitters such as Meatloaf, Jim Steinman, and Lisa Lisa, as well as publishing the works of iconic musicians such as the Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, Donna Summer, and many more. During this time he also wrote Jon Bon Jovi’s first charted single, “R2D2, We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

Currently, Don is using his experience and talents in the music industry to help promising up and coming artists break out. He works closely with these budding musicians, guiding them through all aspects of the industry — from performance and style to business and marketing. Don also still writes and records his own music, available on iTunes, Amazon, and more.

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