Oriolo Guitars

Having played various instruments since he was a kid, saying Don has been infatuated with music his entire life is an understatement. His love of music has taken him from being a high school kid trying to catch a break as a musician to various positions as a top tier record executive, earning a litany of awards and accolades along the way.

His time spent in the music industry and the deep love he has for the art form sparked a dream to create and launch his own guitar company. Never one to put his ideas on the back-burner, Don began putting his dream into action, and while having dinner one evening in Las Vegas with executives from Martin Guitars, the Oriolo Guitar Company was born.

The Oriolo Guitar Company features aesthetic designs ripped straight from Don’s sketchbook along with the craftsmanship of world-class luthiers. The instruments often showcase original Felix the Cat and other Oriolo-drafted artwork, fulfilling Don’s goal of “putting fun back into playing music.”

Currently, the company has 30 different acoustic guitar and acoustic bass designs, over 30 electric guitar and bass builds, more than a dozen ¾-size acoustic guitars, and 16 varied concert-grade ukulele models. The Oriolo Guitar Company is also a strong supporter of various charities, including Guitars in the Classroom and the Pihcintu Foundation.

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